Galleri® test

What is the Galleri test?

The Galleri test looks at DNA in the blood to see if any of it may have come from cancer cells. DNA is the genetic code (a sort of instruction manual) found in cells. Although the Galleri test does not look at the genetic code itself, it looks at the pattern of other markers on the DNA to flag a possible cancer signal. 

The Galleri test can pick up the signal for more than 50 different types of cancer, including many of the cancers for which there are no screening programmes, such as lung, pancreas or stomach cancers.

However, the signal does not mean that a person definitely has cancer. It just means that they might have cancer, and that they will need to have some follow-up tests to check. 

If a cancer signal is detected in your blood, a research nurse will arrange a follow-up appointment at an NHS hospital to check if you do have cancer. 

Attending your usual cancer screening appointments

It is very important that you keep attending your usual cancer screening appointments when you are invited to do so. You should also make an appointment to talk to your GP if you notice any symptoms that are new or unusual for you.

Galleri is a registered trademark of GRAIL, LLC.